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Most sessions will run for 50 minutes (with a few opportunities for longer “double” sessions) plus several 2.5 hour hands-on computer labs. Indicate in your proposal whether your presentation will be a regular 50-minute session, if it could be expanded to a double session, or is a hands-on lab. Keep in mind there will only be space for two or three double sessions, so the odds of acceptance are higher for proposed 50-minute sessions.

Speakers in the PRINT Seminar Program are expected to deliver high quality, original educational content. Association for Print Technologies staff will contract with speakers directly after proposals are submitted and accepted. Note: Seminars are required to be non-commercial.

Here are some demographics of seminar attendee job functions from the 2017 Learning Experience:

  • 50% were owners, C-level executives or managers
  • 26% were involved in print and production operations
  • 17% were in sales or marketing roles
  • 5% identified as design or creative professionals, and
  • 3% as CIO/IT pros

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Compensation is provided for a single speaker per seminar. Co-presenters or guests are allowed, but speaker contracts are for primary presenters only.

The Speaker Fee for each regular, 50-minute seminar is $450, with a $600* travel expense budget.
The Speaker Fee for a double session is $700, with a $600* travel expense budget.
The Speaker Fee for a 2.5 hour computer lab is $900, with a $600* travel expense budget.

*Travel Expenses: The Association for Print Technologies will reimburse you for travel expenses - $600 maximum for the first day of seminar presentation and $150 more for any additional days required, not including hotel room expenses. Hotel room nights MUST be booked via the PRINT Hotel reservation system, Expovision. A "speaker specific" link and form will be provided. Association for Print Technologies will work with each speaker to assign a hotel that meets your needs, but hotel room night and tax expenses will not be reimbursed if booked by speaker directly, outside the PRINT Hotel reservation system.